Meet the owner

Meet Pohai Kealoha. Born on Maui, Hawai'i. She's part Kānaka Maoli and part Portuguese. Her parents moved her and her ohana to Las Vegas, NV and resides there at present time.

Growing up, Pohai has always loved working with her hands and being creative. When she was 15 years old, she was interested in learning more about computers. She learned and taught herself how to build websites and graphic design.

As she got older, she phased out of coding websites and focused more on graphic design. She started making custom layouts for friends and family for their MySpace accounts. Also creating and selling custom event invitations such as local nightclub flyers, birthday invitations, and wedding invitations.

Life got busy as an adult and she had to move on from graphic design.

Pohai had developed a love for makeup and ultimately got a job in a beauty store in merchandising. There she learned not only the skills she needed to perform well in her job, but also to feel confident in her own skin.

In 2020 while the covid-19 pandemic had the world shutdown for a few months, Pohai just like a lot of people were introduced to Tiktok. There is where Pohai and her sister came upon videos of other women making lip glosses at home and made a business out of it.

Pohais' sister originally pitched the idea to her about creating a lip gloss line inspired by the flavors of their home, Hawai'i. Working together they came up with their first collection.

After months of researching and teaching herself how to formulate, Pohai felt like she came up with a perfect formulation for their lip glosses and launched Liko Beauty June of 2021.

Liko Beauty now offers a wide variety of handmade beauty products and intends to expand in the near future.